Your Right As A Woman To Cum Last!

Ah, this is something I think about that men have completely wrong. Sure, ladies first is a typical gentleman gesture, but that doesn’t always have to apply to the bedroom as well. For way too long, women’s orgasms are seen as merely foreplay. In that way it makes it seem like women’s orgasms are less important and are just a “warmup”before the actual ordeal. This is incredibly frustrating for me..I’m a woman that prefers intercourse vs. having to lay through lengthy foreplay sessions just waiting for the real show to get on the road. 

Think about this.. How do you feel after an orgasm? Tired. Relaxed. Relieved. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just lay down and enjoy the after-effects without the obligation to reciprocate during your afterglow. The answer to that should be a solid “yes”. How come men are typically the ones that get to cum last? It’s your right as a woman to have that option as well. Seriously, get your partner off first and THEN make sure you get the last horrah. You will thank me later.

Happy fucking:)


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