This is ME! (Repost because it got 500 views in the first 2 hours)

This Is ME.I’m sitting at work, looking up kinky pictures and quotes on the internet as Christian radio plays faint in the background. Makes me giggle a bit. “Who turned this on?” I think to myself.I remember working at my moms store growing up where Christian radio played nonstop. I remember thinking “this is exactly where I need to be”. It’s not where I was, but where I thought society wanted me to be. I was miserable. And then I grew up..

As I browse through the thousands of kinky, BDSM-related pictures, all I can think is “THIS is exactly where I am, this is me” and it makes me happy. 
It’s amazing what a few years can do. You change yourself repeatedly until you finally figure out who you are. But once you find it, it’s bliss. 

Who I am isn’t necessarily what society thinks I should be. I’m non-conventional & strict non-conformist. I’m hell-on-heels, I like the darkness, and if it’s dirty, kinky, messy, or just plain wrong. I want it. I’ll make you beg, I’ll make you scream, and I’ll make you bite the pillow, but I promise you’ll like it. 

I’ll give you intellectual orgasms in multiples and allow temptation to drip from your ears. I’ll go down on your thoughts, and taste your perception. I’m a saint with the lips of a sinner. And an angel with a devilish kiss. I’m not vanilla, and will make your wildest fantasies a reality. I’m very attracted to men 25+ and women in their 30s and 40s (Something about knowledge with age thing) and I’m not afraid to admit my curiosities. You come onto me, I’ll reciprocate. 

What some women see as degrading, I see as empowering. Your pleasure is my pleasure, darling.. -Lennox

This is me. And I like this part of me. Once you learn to embrace your sexuality for what it is, you’ve won half the battle of figuring out who you truly are.


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