Being A Vagina Owner 101

So, as far as I know.. I’ve been a vagina owner for 23 years. And by that, I definitely mean I’m aware I’ve had one… for 23 years. I’ve always been pretty in-tune with things that are going on down below. However, some people aren’t that perceptive, or perhaps they just don’t care about the health of their lady-bits. If you’re one of those people, stop the neglect right now. Having a healthy vagina is very important and here I will share some tips, tricks, and things from experience.


Ok, so as far as I know, most women know their way around a shaver, so I don’t need to go over the basics. If you DON’T know how to use a shaver, you’re probably too young to be reading my blog anyways, so you should probably just click the little “X” in the righthand corner and go onto like or something. Anyways. Just a few tips on how to make shaving that region easier. First off, use some sort of soap, preferably formulated for that area. Summer’s Eve has a great line of scented vagina soaps, lack of a better word. They tend to be a little more gentle than other soaps that can throw off your pH balance. Some people disagree with using any kind of soap in that area, but as long as your not like putting it directly inside, I don’t really see the problem. Ok, so after you get done shaving, its super important to exfoliate the external area with a sugar scrub or some sort to get rid of excess dead skin to make it smooth. Once you get out of the shower, put an unscented or oatmeal lotion on the freshly shaved area. (Note: If you don’t shave your vagina on a pretty regular basis, you will probably find that you have more irritation or ingrown hairs than a person who does it on the daily.) The more you shave that area, the less irritation you will get each time you shave.

Feminine Odor:

I could go on about this for hours. Lets face it, vaginas have a smell. Some smell better than others, but unfortunately they have a specific scent. I have tried dozens of products over the past few years in search of the perfect solution to this common “problem”. I guess I wouldn’t even really consider it a “problem” but for some women, it really is. So here are my findings. If you use wipes instead of toilet paper whenever you use the restroom, you won’t notice that you have much scent at all. A lot of women use wipes directly after they workout (Note: Vaginas have more sweat glands than an armpit), but I use them all day. They make me feel clean and confident. Along with using specially formulated soaps and wipes, I just recently discovered that the BEST thing to combat smell is…. *drumroll please* ….. Body powder! Summers Eve makes a body powder that is safe to put in your sensitive areas. Literally, I’m a lifetime user from here on out. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks, and I have not found a better product yet. Vaginas self-clean, and sometimes stuff just… comes out. You ALL know what I mean. If you don’t feel like using powders or soaps, even just wearing a pantyliner and changing it a few times a day helps. Doctors suggest that wearing cotton underwear is best, since it is a material that “breathes”. Buuuuut… I don’t like cotton underwear… I like lace. I actually find that cotton holds onto unnecessary moisture, and I hate that feeling. Moving on.

The Clitoris:

Did you know that the clitoris isn’t just limited to the pea-sized bump we typically think of when you think about a clitoris. The clitoris is actually an organ shaped similar to an upside-down wishbone. The clitoris actually extends about 3 inches down on each side of the vulva. So the part that you can see is only about 10% of the actual size of the clitoris. Thats why some women have found that they find great pleasure from stimulating the parts next to and around the exposed area. The external area isn’t always the most sensitive. Sorry guys, anatomy class told you that the exposed part is the sweet-spot, but unfortunately everyone is different. Forward we march.

The Itch You Just Can’t Scratch:

Everyone gets an itch in that area from time to time. But for some, its an itch that persists and that just doesn’t seem to get any better. A lot of women feel like vaginal itch is pretty common around the time of their period. That is pretty normal.. I mean theres excess fluid coming out at sometimes alarming rates and you just feel kind of icky. If you are experiencing itch that lasts more than a couple days after your period, theres a chance that you might have a yeast infection. You vagina is always at war with itself in balancing good bacteria and yeast, and sometimes the yeast wins. Another time that women might experience itch is while taking antibiotics. After all, they deplete you of bacteria in areas other than which they are intended. So obviously I don’t need to tell you that if the itching persists or gets worse that you need to see a doctor. However, if you have been on an antibiotic, all you need to do is call your doctor and they can put you on a med or get you some creme no questions asked. And onward.

Be Aware:

Lastly, the most important tip of all is to just be body conscience and aware of what your body is doing and when. Its good to check yourself out down there every couple of weeks to make sure things are up to par. Especially if you’re having sex. Women who masturbate on a regular basis are very perceptive of any changes to their vagina, but for women who don’t.. its really important that you check things out too. Lay down on your bed and use a mirror to investigate.

There is no rule that says that your vagina has to look any specific way, smell a specific way, and function a specific way. Be confident and love every part of yourself. You were built this way for a reason, and every part of you is beautiful. ❤

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