Therapy Misconception: “Confession”

Therapy. Ah, I topic I revisit often. As I learn, I am trying to debunk misconceptions commonly associated with seeing a shrink, therapist, psychiatrist..etc etc etc. But as for today’s misconception, it is that it’s just like confession. You sit down, and confess your sins, and you be saved.. Yeahhh, it’s not quite like that. For me, it’s mostly like I confess my “sins” and we laugh about it for awhile, and it makes me feel better. I just have to laugh at myself sometimes when I’m telling stories of my past to. Hearing some of the stuff I’ve said and done and actually saying it out loud is extremely cathartic. 

Cathartic: Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis or an emotional purge.

But in my case, cathartic is a fun little word my therapist uses often, and has now become an avid part of my vocabulary.

There’s something about conversing with another being of higher intelligence. She is smart.. Very smart..(Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m talking about you again. This is the part where you smile) and that allows us to be able to level with each other in complete honesty and be able to understand and relate.

Back to the misconception. No, it does not feel like a confession session. Confession session. Confession session. Say that 5 times fast. It just feels like I’m letting someone in and telling them the story about my life. It’s refreshing, somehow in the matter of only a short couple months, my therapist has managed to break down every wall I’ve put up to truly see what’s really behind them. (Except tears..If those happen, she will have made it further than any other human being thus far)  It’s really scary but comforting. I can be 100% honest and shame-free and that, my friends, is real trust.

I hear about people who have been in therapy for years on end, and still don’t find that sort of freedom in their therapist. I’m really lucky. Makes the whole “confession” thing pretty damn easy. If you don’t leave with a smile on your face, you need to find someone who does that for you. If you are lucky enough to not only be counseled but to be able to counsel them or make their day better, there is truly no better feeling. If you don’t leave feeling better than when you walked in, you need to move on. Fortunately, I have no complaints at this point, only great things to say. And through my experiences, I have encouraged a couple of people to see a therapist for the first time, and they have… They can now feel the sense of freedom I feel as well.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. And the euphemism most commonly used is “There’s a chance that you could walk out these doors and get hit by a bus, you just never know.” There’s only 86 400 seconds in a day, to turn it all around or throw it all away. Gotta tell them that we love them when we got the chance to say, you gotta live like you’re dying.

And by that I mean, cherish the ones that make you laugh, get rid of the ones that make you cry.. And if you’re lucky as me, you will find someone that’s there for you during times of both. I could not be spending my money on anything better. You just can’t put a price on mental health. 


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