Summer Memories-Short Story

(Written: 2006)

Remembering back to last summer, the memories I’m wanting back. The week I spent with him, I’ll never forget. He was one of the best things that happened to me that summer. Aiden, wow I really do miss him. We do talk quite often over email, but seeing him in person means so much more. Summer’s coming again soon, so I’ll get to see him again.
After last years summer camp, Sophie left in wonder. Could Aiden really like her, or is she just being led on? She wasn’t sure. With everything that happened, its almost a given that there was something between them.
Sophie sat there on her bed wondering. Aiden was so nice to her, how could he possible not like her? “Even though we live in different states, there still is a chance that he likes me!” Sophie thought to herself. Plus, Aiden and Sophie had known each other since they were very young. They met at camp, and were never the same again.
Sophie took out her diary and began writing: “Dear Diary, I think Aiden might like me. He talks to me all the time, and gives me really awesome advice when I need it. I think I’m going to gain the courage to ask him how he feels about me. I’m really scared.”
Sophie sighed and laid her head on her soft pink embroidered pillow. What if he really did like her? But what if he didn’t? Sophie would be crushed! She said a short prayer, and then took out her Bible to start reading. After awhile Sophie began to grow more and more tired, and soon fell asleep.
“Sophie. Sophie! Wake up!!” said a voice from the distance. Sophie opened her eyes to see her mom standing right above her calling her name. “Wake up Sophie, its time for school, you slept through your alarm, and need to get up soon!” Sophie sat up and yawned. She stood up and stretched out. “Ugh, I only have 15 minutes until school starts!” Sophie thought to herself. She quickly got ready and was off to school
“Gosh, only 2 more hours left until school was over!” said Sophie’s friend Elle.
“ I know!” proclaimed Sophie. The rest of the day seemed to pass very quickly. Before Sophie knew it, the last bell rang, and school was over with. When Sophie got home from school, she decided to go on Facebook. Sophie opened up a separate computer window and decided to write Aiden a message. She began typing. “Hey Aiden, how are you? Anything new going on in your life. Well talk to you soon. P.S. This is really random, but it’s a question that has been killing me to know the answer to. How do you really feel about me. I mean, do you think we could ever have a future together?”
Sophie took a deep breath and pressed send. For the rest of that day, Sophie waited around in wonder. For about 2 months Sophie had been talking to one of Aidens friends from camp and saying how much she really liked Aiden. Her name was Heather. So later that night Sophie got a phone call from Heather. “Hey uh, Sophie? I need to tell you something. Aiden told me about your messege. He really had no clue that you liked him. I don’t know how to tell you this, but.. he’s actually going to ask out another girl tomorrow. I’m really sorry Sophie.” “Okay, thanks for telling me Heather, goodbye.”
Sophie hung up the phone and ran to her room almost in tears. How could he? Even after he knew she liked him? Sophie slammed the door to her room jumped on her bed and began sobbing. Could this be the end of their friendship all-together, or could there still be a future for them later in life?


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