What Happens When You Give Up Masturbation For A Month

What happens when you give up masturbation for a month? Do you think it would be easy? Do you think it would be hard? Or maybe somewhere in between…

Let me start of by saying, giving up masturbation for a month is just crazy talk. Absolute craziness that I just cannot comprehend even being a feasible goal. First off.. WHY.. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? Well the people of Buzzfeed decided to do an experiment and see exactly WHAT happens when they give it up for a whole 30 days.

Going into the challenge, they knew that it was going to be… well, for lack of a better word, hard. “I absolutely masturbate everyday” was the general consensus of all participants.

Why did they decide to do this challenge? Well, for one, its extremely entertaining. And two, they just wanted to see if they could do it. Most of the participants were men, but there was one brave lady that decided to join the “fun”.

Let me just put this out there. WOMEN MASTURBATE TOO. We do. Its true. Annnd I’m not quite sure why women try to hide it like its some awful thing. Its one of the most natural things in life. Orgasms. Pleasure. What is so wrong with admitting it? Anyways, back to the challenge.

On their very first day, most people went about the day with optimism.. but when the time came (ha.) that they normally would, you know.. work one out.. trip the switch.. polish the pearl..hitchhike south… or my favorite one, “ladywank”… well they reacted a bit confused, or rather irritated, mostly just not knowing what to do instead.

But get this.. as the days went on, they would find themselves becoming less patient, quicker to anger, and well… horny (obviously.) Horny people are awful to deal with.. Im not quite sure if everyone is as perceptive of this as I am… but I can always tell when I’m around someone who hasn’t gotten off for awhile. I can literally FEEL the sexual tension in the air. Which in return makes me tense.. and horny.. and soon I’m just a fucking hot mess. I applaud these brave souls for finishing the 30 day challenge, because for myself, I find that I get rather edgy even after just a couple days, and 30 days for me would seem like an eternity. Its that whole sexual release you get. Not only does it feel great, but it does wonders for your mood.

To conclude…In my opinion.. Don’t deprive yourself. The negative effects just aren’t worth it.

If you want to check out their video for yourself, here is the link! ENJOY

Buzzfeed: What Happens When You Give Up Masturbation


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