50 Hours.. No Food.

Second day, 50 hours in, I’ll admit I’m feeling ok. I woke up today and did my normal morning routine of making my way to the livingroom to step on my scale. I keep it there because I can always see it, and its always a constant remdinder of what I have to face if I eat badly.

The only noticeable change I’ve felt today is that I’ve been utterly freezing since I woke up. I’ve took 3 hot baths, and still can’t get warm. I’ve been pumping fluids to make sure I don’t get dehydrated. I even treated myself to some iced green tea from Starbucks, with no sweetener of course.

I am down about a pound since yesterday. I don’t typically carry around much water weight because I am on a diuretic, don’t consume a lot of salt, and stay fully hydrated.. for the most part.
I decided to use a keytone strip to see at what level my body is producing them, and I am at the max the strips test for.
Just a little explanation of what that means…
In the first 6 hours of not eating, your body produces glycogen which is broken down into glucose for energy.
After 6 hours, your glycogen stores are depleated and your body enters a phase called “ketosis” as your body begins to fast, or starve. This is where your body begins to break down fat into fatty acids. However, your brain is unable to use long chain fatty acids, so your brain changes modes and begins to breakdown the fatty acids into ketones.
So this is where I’m at. My body is producing ketones in order to keep my brain functioning. But the downside… only 75% of the energy my brain needs to function can come from the ketones. So needless to say, I’m feeling a bit foggy and lethargic.
What is going to happen in the next 24 hours? My body will being to breakdown protein in my body into amino acids, which can be turned into glucose for my brain. However, at the point your body beings to breakdown proteins, it is literally canibalizing itself by breaking down muscle.
That being said, I’m caught between wanting to treat myself right and put some food in my body, but my brain just keeps telling me no. Because I saw progress on the scale, I’m obsessing to see more. Its almost like a game, a challenge to see how far I can take it before it gets to be too much. I finally am feeling some sort of control. And I like it.

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