The Last Text

Adam brought me home, but before leaving he leaned over to kiss me on the lips and all I could do was let my head sink into my lap.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“I can’t do this. “

“What do you mean?” He sighed.

“It’s not the same anymore. It’s…. her. It’s like I loved her so much that there just isn’t anything left in me for anyone else. I’m sorry, I knew this was a bad idea.” A tear fell down my cheek.

“No, baby, it’s okay. I understand. If time is what you need, you can have it. If you want me to disappear, I can make that happen too.” He grabbed my hand.

“Adam. I feel awful. I wanted things to work out between us so much. I just don’t have anything left in me for anyone else. She took what was once so good, and destroyed it when she left me. I don’t think that I am someone worth loving, so quit wasting your time.” I pulled my hand from him, and tried to get out of the car.

“Wait.” He said.

“What? What more do I have to say for you to get it?! I can’t do this!” I hunched over and began to sob.

“..I just wanted to say, she’s crazy for hurting you. And I’m sorry she never gave you a second chance”

I turned away to hide my tears.

“She never believed she was capable of giving love. She just collected love from everyone else. She never understood that nobody wants to share. I just believed that she’d choose me.” I sobbed.


“Just go.. please. Leave me alone.” I slammed the door and ran into the house.

  • Ring Ring * I looked at my phone.

‘Are you going to be okay?’ –Adam

I never responded. That was the last day I heard from Adam. He never tried to contact me after that, and I didn’t care enough to respond to his text that night.


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